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Hiking in Picos de Europa

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Ruta de los pueblos de Sajambre

Panderuedas-Posada de Valdeón

La Jocica-Beza

Ruta Ermita San Pedro de Orzales

Ruta del Cares

Senda del Arcediano. Oseja-Amieva

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Precautions on mountain excursions

Always wear a warm clothing and footwear.

The fog is the worst enemy on the mountain and in the Picos de Europa there are frequent sudden and very thick fogs. Even if you think you know the terrain in which you move, it is best to remain waiting for it to rise, seeking a minimum shelter or shelter. The forces always weaken with the effort and more in this complicated orography. Bring a snack is always recommended.

If you get lost, look for a nearby coat and wait for them to rescue you. If you intend to enter the rock alone, leave notice in the shelters, on the dashboard of the car and / or to your family the itinerary and time of the excursion.

In the park, mobile phone coverage is limited, so you can not rely on it to pass an emergency warning from anywhere. However, it is always appropriate to wear it. In case of emergency, it communicates with the 112 telephone.